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Honor is Counter-Cultural

Honor is Counter-Cultural

Western culture celebrates the value of independence and self-reliance. It’s almost perceived a weakness to seek out advice and support from others, especially parents. Our society makes fun of children who live at home past high school and disdains the success of those who build on platforms they’ve inherited.

In my own life, there have been times in which I didn’t value anything that I hadn’t earned on my own. “A real man provides for himself,” I would think. Maybe you can relate. I still struggle to place the same value on what I can learn from my parents, teachers and from my pastor as what I can come up with on my own.

The truth, though, is that each generation shouldn’t be starting from scratch. (TWEET THIS) I appreciate the confidence that comes from nurturing independence in children, but I’m also learning the importance of making sure we value other people, especially those God has commanded us to honor.

What do you think about the values of independence and self-reliance in our society? Are they hurting us or helping us?


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Getting the Honor Cycle Moving

Getting the Honor Cycle Moving

what is honorDiscovering the Honor Cycle has been a long journey for me. I’ve spent the last fifteen years intentionally growing in the practice of honor. Of course, there are still days where I catch myself wanting to forge my own path. But I’ve seen the advantages of this lifestyle in ways I never could have expected. Here are some questions that can help you get the Honor Cycle moving in your family. (tweet this)

1.)   How do you see your parents’ generation?

Think about it for a minute. Do you see value in the previous generation? Given the chance to build something on your own, would you demand that they come and build with you? Or do you relish the opportunity to stand on your own without their oversight?

2.)   How do you see the next generation?

Does your vision for the future go beyond your life? What are you invested in that will benefit future generations? Are you prepared to come alongside a new generation and empower them to flourish?

3.)   Would you consider a new approach?

What if the Honor Cycle truly does have the power to transform our families and our society? Are you willing to change your lifestyle to take advantage of its power? The Honor Cycle won’t self-initiate, but it only takes one willing person to get it moving in your family. Are you willing to consider a new approach to life and relationships?

Would you like to share your answers to any of these questions?

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Independence = Stupid

Independence = Stupid

independenceI know it sounds like I’m confronting a national value. After all, we have a national holiday we call Independence Day. To be clear, I completely agree with the decision to free ourselves from tyranny. I completely disagree, however, with the choice of individuals to use their freedom to isolate themselves and their decisions from people who can help. As much as we are a free society, we are an interdependent society. We need each other to experience the best life possible.

I’m naturally wired to be very independent. I don’t like oversight. I fantasize about autonomous power over my life and decisions. I’ve always been that way. But I’m wrong…especially when it comes to family relationships.

The truth is that there is a blessing that fathers and mothers have to offer the work of this generation. Moreover, there is a blessing that we have to offer future generations. We’re uniquely positioned to build the future by not only focusing on our children but also by restoring the broken parts of relationships with parents. While we may choose to bless future generations, we need the blessing from previous generations to discover our own potential.

I believe this is where the Honor Cycle starts: learning how to open the door for blessing in our lives through the practice of honor, then discovering how to pass along the blessing to future generations.

Do you think our society has gone too far promoting independence? (tweet this)

What value do you see in submitting your life to the input of other people?

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Six Things You Need to Know about the Honor Cycle

Six Things You Need to Know about the Honor Cycle

My new book, The Honor Cycle, will be released later this summer. It explores how the flow of honor and blessing between generations empowers families and societies to learn from their successes and failures, solve problems together and build a better future for generations to come.


The Honor Cycle is initiated by two actions:

1)   Practicing Honor

2)   Releasing Blessing


Here are six things you need to know about the Honor Cycle: (tweet this)

1)    Honor Benefits You (tweet this)

Honor is not a cultural formality without relevance. On the contrary, it is hugely rewarding! You may know the 5th Commandment, “Honor your father and mother.” Did you ever notice that it’s the only one of the Ten Commandments that follows with a promise? “Honor your father and mother that it may be well with you.” The practice of honor helps you make the most of your life.

2)    Honor is Probably Not What You Think It Is (tweet this)

Unfortunately, our society has lost touch with the true meaning and purpose of honor. “Honor” has become more about outward expressions of respect, rather than cultivating an internal sense of value for other people. The true meaning of honor is all about placing value on another person.

3)    Honor Benefits Your Parents (tweet this)

You may not know it, but your parents and mentors have emotional needs just like you. One of their greatest needs is to know you value them. When you start practicing honor, they will become much more secure. In fact, you’ll notice them becoming better in their role, which benefits you and keeps the Honor Cycle flowing!

4)    Your Blessing Benefits Your Children (tweet this)

There is no greater power you have as a parent than to release blessing on your children. It shapes their sense of identity and purpose. Your words have the power to change your child’s future, and your blessing is the key to help them receive everything you have to offer. It’s an essential part of the Honor Cycle.

5)    You can Correct Negative Behavior and still Release a Blessing (tweet this)

As a father of young children, I recognize parenting is not about pretending your children are perfect. You have a responsibility to correct negative behavior. These moments, however, can be great opportunities to reinforce the Honor Cycle by taking time to speak a blessing while bringing correction.

6)    Releasing a Blessing is a Supernatural Process (tweet this)

Are you ready to get spiritual? Faith in God will empower you to release blessing on a whole new level. Allowing God to be a part of the process will supercharge the power of the Honor Cycle and multiply your blessing for many generations to come.

What questions do you have about the Honor Cycle?

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How the Honor Cycle Works

How the Honor Cycle Works

what is honorAn ancient Thai tradition illustrates how the Honor Cycle works. In the ceremony of Wai Khru, students pay homage to their teachers to express their gratitude and to formalize the student-teacher relationship. The student honors the teacher, recognizing the role of the teacher and submitting to his instruction. The wai khru chant, which expresses respect for the teachers, ends by asking that the teachers bless their studies.

This tradition demonstrates that the posture of the student is supremely important to facilitate the learning process. The student places value on the teacher and positions himself to receive what the teacher has to offer. But notice that the teacher understands that he must release blessing. Instruction and guidance is only part of the assignment. The real power of the older generation is to bless future generations! (tweet this)

A posture of honor positions us to receive blessing from our parents, teachers and mentors. Giving our blessing to our children, students and mentees empowers them to honor. This is the power of the Honor Cycle. Adhering to these simple principles can restore broken families and societies, setting them up to flourish for many generations.

How have you seen the Honor Cycle working in your relationships?


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