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Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in Generational | 0 comments

Is the Future Looking Brighter?

Is the Future Looking Brighter?

Future BrighterOur generation faces a significant dilemma. It’s easy to be overwhelmed at the enormity of the global challenges we face—trillions in national debt, food and healthcare for billions of people, global warming, and nuclear dissemination, just to name a few. When faced with grave issues such as these, great generations throughout history arose courageously, tackling catastrophic challenges and building a better future for their children. We should do the same.  Yet, our challenges are too big for one generation (tweet this).

Take our national debt.  Even if we were to allocate ten percent of current federal revenue each year toward paying the debt down, it would take almost 70 years to pay it off. Without the commitment of our children toward a long-term solution, this problem will never be fixed. The same can be said for problems involving poverty and the environment.

We may set in motion great solutions for the future, but future generations must finish the work. Meanwhile, we need the experience of previous generations to help us develop solutions. A prosperous future does not hinge just on our generation finding the courage to arise, but rather on many generations coming together, building one on the other.

Is our society set-up to do this? What needs to change to enable this to happen?

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