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Posted by on Jul 16, 2012 in Generational | 9 comments

I’m an adult now.  Why should I listen to my parents?

I’m an adult now. Why should I listen to my parents?

Good question.  Most of us were anxiously waiting to get out from under our parents’ roof.  We wanted to be free from their rules.  Why go backwards and reach out to them for advice?

I’ve got a personal problem.  Basically, I think I know best about pretty much everything.  I have a natural tendency to believe that the best answers are inside of me.  I tend to value my own thoughts above anything else.  But, that’s just stupid!

Think about it this way.  What if every generation learned every lesson for themselves?  What if we never passed along successes or failures from one generation to the other?  Society would never advance.  It would reset itself every 70 years or so.  It’s the same for you and your family line.  Your parents, no matter how successful, are a deep reservoir of experience and wisdom.  You may not believe it, but they have a lot to offer.

Tell me about your posture toward older generations.  Do you naturally value their input?  Or, are you like me and more naturally inclined to listen only to yourself?

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  • I actually enjoy listening to my mom, other than the fact that she’s getting older, her wisdom does help. It tells me she’s been through a lot and seen things we obviously haven’t. Just because we’ve studied history, doesn’t mean we actually understand it. Sometimes, it’s better to understand from out parent’s perspectives, and even our grandparents or great-grandparents, if you had a chance to meet them and hear their stories.
    It helps me make better decisions about the future and sometimes, it’s better to let me make mistakes on my own like I’m 15, but it depends on what it is. I’m sure that’s how they learned too.
    However, even I’ve surprised my mom, so I think we’re always teaching each other something sometimes.

  • Haha, my mother always tells me that no matter how old i can ever get, even if i were to get so old and have wrinkles and grey hair, in her eyes i will always remain only her child.

    i agree with her, we can never OUT grow our parents and it will be silly and a lost world if we thought we could. Parents are a very important aspect of our life’s and through them we can learn so much. Age brings wisdom and for sure they didn’t age and get where they are by being dummies.

    I respect my parents . they have moved mountains for me with their constant support, they have believed in me when the world and i didn’t and i want God to bless them so so much and increase their days here so i can keep learning . Most of all i want my mothers dreams to all come true.

    • Awsme. Thx 4 sharing

    • Thanks for sharing! I think our culture shapes us to believe that the relationship with our parent sis less valuable after we become adults. I think you and your mom have it right, though!

      • yes, i think it is very important that we respect our parents no matter how old we get, even the gospel says so, ” respect your father and mother so your days in this world shall never be counted…” i stand by that,

      • I agree with you on that, in Proverbs, if you discipline your children, they will listen and take in knowledge as they grow older. I don’t think it matters how old we get, it starts from the time we’re little and we continue to pass it on to the next generation. With that, we must respect our parents for the values they teach us.
        But yes, even the culture will play a role in how it shapes our values.

  • Even as I ignored and denied those tidbits of wisdom shared by my parents (mom and the dad who raised me) as I was growing up, I “Heard” them, and they have stayed with me. I’ve always been one to seek out the advice of elders, especially those in my church families – and still do so now. The incredible store of knowledge – natural and common ways of getting things done, sensible outlooks on what at times seem to be complex problems- can’t be undervalued in any way!

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