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Posted by on Jul 10, 2012 in Leadership | 2 comments

Leadership#Fail – How to get rid of manipulation in your leadership!

Leadership#Fail – How to get rid of manipulation in your leadership!

Deception and Manipulation seem to be a favored approach to leadership today.  This short video uncovers what’s behind it and helps you take a better leadership path.

Recommended Reading: Genesis 27-33


Questions for Discussion:

1.) Which leadership path are you on?

2.) How does your relationship with God instruct your leadership style?

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  • Great post Harrison. I am in the interviewing processes now and friends of mine have told me to just tell the interviewers exactly what they want to hear but I believe you are correct in that this small step can lead to great future turmoils. I am relatively new to the working world and have recognized some people that use manipulation in almost all areas of their lives and I have code named them “snakes” — this small realization makes a big difference in one’s character.

    • No question it’s a tough climate out there to find a job. I agree that your future with a company though will be much happier if you can be honest in the process. BTW – Someone told me about a great interview question if they ask if you have any questions: “Who is someone that has been very successful here? and How did they do it?” All the best!!

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