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Posted by on Jun 10, 2013 in Generational, Uncategorized | 2 comments

How the Honor Cycle Works

How the Honor Cycle Works

what is honorAn ancient Thai tradition illustrates how the Honor Cycle works. In the ceremony of Wai Khru, students pay homage to their teachers to express their gratitude and to formalize the student-teacher relationship. The student honors the teacher, recognizing the role of the teacher and submitting to his instruction. The wai khru chant, which expresses respect for the teachers, ends by asking that the teachers bless their studies.

This tradition demonstrates that the posture of the student is supremely important to facilitate the learning process. The student places value on the teacher and positions himself to receive what the teacher has to offer. But notice that the teacher understands that he must release blessing. Instruction and guidance is only part of the assignment. The real power of the older generation is to bless future generations! (tweet this)

A posture of honor positions us to receive blessing from our parents, teachers and mentors. Giving our blessing to our children, students and mentees empowers them to honor. This is the power of the Honor Cycle. Adhering to these simple principles can restore broken families and societies, setting them up to flourish for many generations.

How have you seen the Honor Cycle working in your relationships?


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  • Hannah Marsh

    I love the point you make about how honor positions us. I think so often we can fight and struggle to be recognized, to find position, etc… really the key is there all along… HONOR. Good word Harrison!

    • Thanks, Hannah! There is so much great treasure buried in the people around us. The secret for our success is in pulling it out of them through the practice of honor!