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Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Generational | 2 comments

Hope For The Future

Hope For The Future

what is honorOur society has lost touch with the fundamental practices that allow one generation to build on another. Our celebration of independence and individuality has inadvertently disrupted the cycle that allows us to build a legacy across multiple generations. As children, we feel responsible to achieve success on our own. As parents, we’re so caught up pursuing our own dreams; we don’t know how to invest in the next generation. As a result, family relationships are broken and generations are not positioned to work together.

There is a natural cycle, however, that will create a thriving future from generation to generation (tweet this). I call it the Honor Cycle. When properly cultivated, the Honor Cycle empowers families and societies to learn from their successes and failures, solve problems together and build a better future for generations to come.

The Honor Cycle is initiated by two actions:

1)          Practicing Honor

2)          Releasing Blessing

Do you believe that generations were meant to build one on the other? What do you think about this idea of an Honor Cycle? Is there hope for our future?

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  • Daryl Dudley

    Every new generation should build off of the one before. We…..well I have only recently appreciated the value of learning from my Father. Since we butted heads on so many issues, I dismissed the value of ANYTHING he had to say. Now I realize the error of my ways, and I seek to learn from him…Stand on his shoulders so to speakI do sense that there is a groundswell emerging that desires to go back to the way “things used to be” Where the concept of honor was a natural part of our lives.

    • Really appreciate you sharing, Daryl! I’m convinced honor got a bad rap from misunderstanding about its true meaning. True honor is an amazing tool for restoring families and helping generations build one on the other.